I have had many people ask me about the equipment that I use and why I mostly do not mention it. It is really just because I think that we should spend more time on the creation process and less on the tools that we use in that process. Any  of the major brands of camera can produce a great image but they also require the gray filter, located between the ears of the photographer, to create that image in the first place. That being said, here is my current field kit……


My main camera bodies are the Olympus OMD EM-1  and the Olympus OMD EM-5. Both of these are my workhorses and have proved themselves reliable time after time in all sorts of weather conditions. I also have a Lumix GH2 as a backup just in case.

My lenses are:
Lumix        14 -42 mm
Lumix        45 – 200 mm
Lumix        14 – 140 mm
Lumix        100 -300 mm
Olympus    17mm  F/ 1.8
Olympus    45 mm F/ 1.8
Pana / Leica  25mm F/ 1.4

I have changed from Canon, both full frame and crop frame, over to the M 4/3  system.  Having sold my full frame bodies and my L series lenses I have been happily using the Olympus and Lumix bodies and lenses for all my professional work.


I use Manfrotto and Induro tripods with Acratech Ultimate ball heads.  For some reason I seem to have collected a variety of tripods and heads over the years. Some of these are 20+ years old and come from my commercial photography days. I really need to clean house.

Filters: HiTech, Tiffen, & Cokin:  mostly split grads, in 3 grades, 1,2, 3 stops, and polarizers. A few Cokin soft focus filters are in the mix just for fun.

I use Domke bags, and vests and Lowepro  backpacks. I have and use  remote releases for all the cameras.

For post processing I use Mac computers with Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom.

This is not to mention all the boots, Gore Tex, parkas, chest waders, and assorted gear I use just to remain comfortable on cold winter days and blazing summer afternoons. That should be another post.