Winsome Walnut

A photo trip with my friend Charles yesterday.
Up to north-eastern Ohio.
In search of “The Old Mill Stream”, inspiration for
the song by Tell Taylor from years ago.
The OMS is in reality the Blanchard River which
seems to flood out the town of Findlay every year.

The area governments have built up park areas
along the length of the river with many scenic
areas open to the public.
This photo comes from the
Litzenberg Memorial Woods, right off St Rt 224.

It was nice to get out with a friend for a day.
And this makes a good day trip.

Oil Lamps

Always remember that we are a light for others.
They are watching.  Watching to see what we do,
how we do it, and whether or not it works.

Artists, almost by definition, are in
the business of breaking new trails.
Finding new ways to present what we see
and how we feel about it.
Sometimes our efforts work well.
Sometimes we fail.

But we are always on the edge of discovery.
That is why this profession is so much fun.
Those moments of discovery are pure bliss.

This was found / discovered
last spring at a local park.