Why take a Photo Class ?

Forest Path

Why take a photo class?

Do you own a digital camera but are so overwhelmed by all the bells, whistles, and buttons that you give up and leave it set on automatic?
Would you like to be able to make excellent images instead of the average snapshots you get from the automatic settings?
On the first night of one of my beginning classes, a student expressed the opinion that he took good photos. After 3 lessons the same student stated that he now realized what a good photo looked like and that his work was greatly improving.
One of the primary reasons to take a photo class is to learn to appreciate and identify a quality image. This gives you a tangible goal to aim for.
A second reason is to learn the technical information required to create a quality image. An excellent result is based on proper knowledge and correct application of photographic principles.
A third reason is to receive feedback and support as you develop your photographic talents. A good instructor will guide you to create your best work.
The last but not least is to HAVE FUN!  Enjoy and share your photos of family holidays, reunions, friends, your pets antics, vacations,  and gorgeous sunsets.
The next session of classes begins Jan 2nd. You may sign up by using the Paypal link in the right sidebar. I hope to see you in class.

Beginning Class Photos

Shawnee Park
Shawnee Park

Did you ever wonder what we do in a photo class?
Well, we have a mixture of class room and practical, outdoor work.
In the beginning class you will spend the first few weeks learning the basics
of how your camera works and how to set it to get the best results.
Then we take you outdoors and have you do it for real. A mini field trip.
You see, photography is more than just “book learning”. It is the practice
of creation…you are creating art and the camera is just the tool you are using.
That being said, what did we do last night? The above image is from
the beginning class last night.
You can learn how to  use your camera to achieve images like this.
Just sign up for the next round of classes starting the first week in May.
Please use the Paypal link in the sidebar.

Photo Classes 2014

Winter Falls Tremont
Winter Falls Tremont

A new year is on the way bringing a new schedule of photo classes.
The next term starts on Jan 6th and runs for 8 weeks.
Are you getting a new camera for Christmas?
Do you already have a nice camera but are unsure
of how to get the most from it?
Looking for a great gift for the family “record keeper”?
Then use the sign up form in the side bar and get in a class.

Smoky Mountains in Late Spring

Flat Rock Falls
Flat Rock Falls

It is looking very much like summer here in the Smoky Mountains.

The greens are starting to blend together and darken.
The dogwoods are all gone but the mountain laurel is in bloom.
And the rivers are running very well.
As you can see in this image from Tremont.

You can learn to capture images like this.
Simply sign up for the next round of classes.
You may use the Paypal link in the right side bar.
I hope to see you in Ohio in July.

Circle Of Light

The Middle Prong Little River,  just before it flows into Laurel Creek,  has some interesting rock formations.  Which, when covered with a higher than normal flow of water, create this almost circular formation in the river.  A lot of snow and the melting ice contributed to the increased flow.    Enjoy your Super Bowl weekend.

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Winter Tremont

A snowy winter scene of:    Middle Prong Little River.
I made this while testing my new lens, a 70-300 mm Tamron. The new one with vibration control. All the reviews I had read said that this was a good lens and now, after using it for several weeks in some very bad weather, I would have to agree. It is sharp, fairly light for what it is, and the vibration control works well enough that I can get an extra 3 stops of handheld images. OK, I know, it is not “L” glass but it cost $1000 less and it works fine for the way I will be using it.   Enjoy!

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Winter Falls Tremont

One of the benefits of winter is that the leaves are gone.  We can explore things that would go unnoticed behind a cover of foliage.  This view, taken while standing in the cold flowing water, simply would not look the same with the trees in full leaf.  Enjoy!

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Old Mill Falls

The result of a quiet evening ride. After a day of excitement the peaceful ride was exactly what was  called for, and, wouldn’t you know it, we found this scene. Hundreds of times we have driven past this spot and never saw it. Of course, we usually drove past much faster than we were going on this evening. Off of a major road, where the traffic is heavy and fast. Nothing around it to show that this was a good spot for a photograph. Not even a “Scenic Overlook” sign, lol.  Just a small unpaved, and deserted parking lot. We just stopped because it had been “that kind of day”. And found just what we needed……..

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Last Autumn Day

A pleasant walk last Saturday, after being on the road for a month. One last great day with temps in the low 70’s and copious sunshine. I had the opportunity to revisit things that I had not seen in ten years and was amazed at how beautiful they are and how much I have missed them. Ah, it all comes back to me now………
Then, of course the clouds roll in, rain, and the winter front………
All that is left are the memories….. a few photos, and the last leaves of autumn.

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