A New Year Begins


A New Year Begins

In 2017 the site had problems with downtime. Multiple hacking attacks and ransom ware issues took their toll. It required a lot of time and effort to reclaim, repair and rebuild everything.
During the process of recreating the site, I had plenty of time to think about ways to make it not only more secure but to improve the content as well. I have given a lot of consideration to my goals for the site and how best to achieve them.
So much of what you see in the world these days is negative. We go about our lives with a list of worries too long to recite. Most of the things on that list are outside our personal control, which only adds to our distress.
In my view of the world, I prefer to focus on the things that are Right vs. Wrong. I choose to see the Beautiful vs. the Ugly and to think about the Best, not the Worst.
As part of this philosophy, I would like my site to be a source of positivity and beauty. A place where people may come to view images of natural wonder, think a few uplifting, positive thoughts and move on feeling refreshed not distressed.
With that goal in mind, in 2018 I am taking the blog in a new direction. My focus will be more on creativity and beauty, less on technical and commercial issues.

As you may know, I am a professional artist working in several different mediums, including photography, stained glass, and painting. I have found that there is a commonality to all these mediums and in my opinion to all art forms.
You must first learn to master the basics, the mechanics if you will, of your chosen medium before you may then strike out on your own to express your unique vision of the world.
There are many places where you can learn these basics, things such as how to use a camera on manual settings, how to cut and grind glass, or how to mix almost any color from a limited number of paints on a pallet.

The “ART” part is what’s different.

How do I learn to see what would make a captivating photo? How do I make it look so natural that people feel as if they were standing inside the scene?
What subject can I paint that has not been done before? What vision of reality can I conjure with oils on a canvas?
What glass panel design can I produce that is not already in a pattern book? What pattern of transmitted light can I use sunlight to create?

To paraphrase Edgar Degas, “Art is easy until you know how.”

The easy part of ART includes the tools and equipment. All these physical things can be purchased, owned and used.
The difficult part of ART is the emotion and vision. These intangible things cannot be bought and are best when shared with others.

So… In this New Year, the focus of this blog is changing. It will speak much more to the ART side of things. We will discuss beauty, vision, creativity, emotion, elegance, grace and the journeys these elements take us on.

Greenbriar Glow

sunset over Greenbriar in the Smoky Mountains
Sunset over Greenbriar in the Smoky Mountains

To be in the right place at the right time is the responsibility of the professional photographer.
Knowing what to do when you are there is the next big thing.
Then taking the image into post processing to achieve the previsualized result is the last step.
When everything works just right….a really stunning image can be the result.
Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.

This is a sunset over the river in the Greenbriar section of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It took several days until all the elements of the image were in the correct place for what I had in mind.  

This image is available in several sizes in our gallery. It is also available as a metal print for the most impact.

When you are next in the Smokys be sure to drop into the gallery. We are located at 744 Powdermill Road. Just off of Glades Road on the Historic Artist’s Loop in Gatlinburg.

Beginning Class Photos

Shawnee Park
Shawnee Park

Did you ever wonder what we do in a photo class?
Well, we have a mixture of class room and practical, outdoor work.
In the beginning class you will spend the first few weeks learning the basics
of how your camera works and how to set it to get the best results.
Then we take you outdoors and have you do it for real. A mini field trip.
You see, photography is more than just “book learning”. It is the practice
of creation…you are creating art and the camera is just the tool you are using.
That being said, what did we do last night? The above image is from
the beginning class last night.
You can learn how to  use your camera to achieve images like this.
Just sign up for the next round of classes starting the first week in May.
Please use the Paypal link in the sidebar.

Smoky Mountains in Late Spring

Flat Rock Falls
Flat Rock Falls

It is looking very much like summer here in the Smoky Mountains.

The greens are starting to blend together and darken.
The dogwoods are all gone but the mountain laurel is in bloom.
And the rivers are running very well.
As you can see in this image from Tremont.

You can learn to capture images like this.
Simply sign up for the next round of classes.
You may use the Paypal link in the right side bar.
I hope to see you in Ohio in July.

Happy New Year

It is a new year.
A time when I  think about growing and changing.
A time when I look back over the past year
to see what progress I have made.
Am I a better photographer?  A better business man?
Am I a better person?  A better artist?  A better friend?
A better lover?  A better teacher?
Is there a real difference in any of the above?
OK, that is enough introspection….
time to go make images…..

Floral Fantasy

How far from “reality” can we depart?
Some folks say that everything is an illusion.
So, where is this reality that we are departing from?
I love watching nature change a scene right before my eyes.
With a puff of breeze or a small branch falling into the
otherwise mirror surface of the lake.     Enjoy!

Remember that classes begin next week,
the first week in August.
You may sign up by using the Paypal link
in the right sidebar.

Photography Education

Just as the water wheel keeps turning. We should always keep learning & growing.
We can always learn something new to increase our abilities.
Remember, classes in my studio begin June 8th, for Beginning and June 9th
for the Advanced class.  Cost is only $100.00 for either 8 week class.
You may use the Paypal button in the sidebar to sign up.
Hope to see you then.

Bridge Over Winter Water

This is a favorite spot near Townsend, TN.  Most people just drive right over the bridge, never stopping to see what it really looks like from the other side. This day I caught it in the snow. The road was closed up ahead and this area was swarming with frustrated tourists. It took a long time for all of them to move out of the frame.  Enjoy!

To purchase a print of this image