Urban Artifacts

“A perfect day for a road trip.”  My friend told me as we were headed out with our cameras.
It turned out that he was correct. Not only did the day, read weather, work out very well but
the subject matter was the type of old, rusted, gritty, weatherbeaten, urban artifacts that I love to work with.
A bit of contrast was all that was needed to tell the story of a hard working truck that had seen better days.
Here are a couple from the day.

Urban Artifacts
Terminal Truck Cab


Urban Artifacts
Terminal Truck

Fenced In ??

Have you been feeling a bit fenced in lately?
A little stymied by a lack of knowledge about how to get the most out of your camera?
You really want to create great images but when you see them on the screen
they just don’t look like what you wanted to capture.   :cry:

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Urban Redbud

I saw this vignette on the way to a location
portrait shoot with my photo class.
All the students had gone ahead and I was making up time
by going a different route.
It looked really nice but the light was not there
and I was in a hurry……
So, the next day, when the light was right.
I was there.  A beat-up old building that
would be unremarkable except for the
spring bloom.     Enjoy! 

Bank Building 1909

Today has started off as gray and chilly. The expectation of snow is in the air.
So, a black and white image seemed to be just the thing to post.
This is one of my old ones, with the original done on Agfa 100 B&W film. Late day sun gave a spot light effect to the building which  just “glowed” as we drove down the street.

The Lima Paint & Color Co

This is from a “walk about” with a friend last year. The original is in color but it was processed to give it a bit of the old time Tri-X look.  I think slightly gritty feel goes with the experience of a faded downtown area.  A long time ago, I was a staff photographer for the local newspaper and this downtown was very familiar to me. A lot has changed since this area was the vibrant hub of a bustling city.   So, it is somehow fitting that a place named “Paint & Color” should be portrayed  in black and white.  A subtle statement…don’t you think  ….heh.   OK, that is enough of the walk down memory lane. Time passes, the technology changes, towns change, and most importantly, we grow and change for the better. Enjoy.

No Entry

This image reminds me of our basement. We are in the process of redoing it into a class room facility. When finished, it will allow me to teach workshops in photography and photoshop. It actually looks worse than this at the moment, but when finished it will be  a lot nicer and much more functional.

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Not A Landscape

A sure sign of spring is the presence of traffic cones and yellow barricades.
These are not on the job yet but they are ready to start.
It is interesting that artists get typecast as a …………..  you fill in the blank.
For me, it started as: “Oh Yah, you’re the Black & White guy”
“sure looks good….reminds me of Ansel Adams”………..
then, of course, I started doing color:  “what’s that??”    “where is the good stuff?”
I lost a few collectors when I stopped doing all B&W…
But, I gained a few..because, (wait for it),   I was working in color.
Income went down for a while, then came back up and went higher.
It all worked out.
Now, I am working with subject matter OTHER than the landscape.
Here we go again……
We shall see what the future brings.
Wish me luck!

Lace Curtains


This window is above a local pub.
Looking down over the intersection of alley and street.
The lace curtains form an interesting juxtaposition
with the rough wood, the power lines, and the old brick.
I wonder what all you would see
if you sat at this window and watched downtown.
This was taken during my Lima trip.

Urban Artifact

I am told that this was once a good supper club.
After the fire this is about all that was left of the place.
The story goes: that the city was in here while the place was still smoking
to bulldoze the remnants and haul it all away.
A town that would rather see a grass filled park (or lot)
than a burned out building is OK in my book.
Ah, civic pride. There is a lot to be said for that.  A good thing to have.