Spring Classes

Forest Path
Forest Path

Our new term of classes begin on May 5th.
This is the last week of the old term and almost everyone is moving up 
to the next level in their learning.
Last night we created this new spring image as we finished our Photoshop / Lightroom segment.  There is no reason to take a separate class in post processing…
you get it all right here as part of the normal class schedule .
You may sign up for the new term by using the Paypal link in the sidebar.

A Good Field Trip

                                                            AUTUMN GLORY

                                              A BONE SHAKER

Just back  from leading a weekend field trip to Hocking Hills in Ohio.
The weather cooperated giving us mild temperatures with  just enough
overcast to cut the brightness range and still allow the autumn colors to pop.
The participants had an enjoyable time and
learned a lot if you judge by their images.

If you are a person who always wanted to take a class in photography,
always wanted to learn to capture and process great images,
or just wants to learn more about how to use your camera.
You should register for the next round of classes which begin in two weeks.
You can  sign up by using the Paypal button in the right sidebar of this blog.

Pronged Passing

The deer passes quietly through the field as the late evening sun
casts a soft glow to the surrounding woods.  A gentle hush
falls over the cove. Day is almost done.  Have you accomplished
you goals for the day? Have you grown more in tune with nature?
Have you  become wiser in the ways of creating your art
and sharing it with the world?

Just a gentle reminder that classes are starting the week of July 9th.
If you have  ever wanted to really learn how to produce great images
with your camera…. this is  your chance. Please use the Paypal link in the right side bar to sign up.   Thanks….You will not regret it.

Spring Swing

A walk around the neighborhood the other day found this
wonderful spring image.  You can almost hear the happy
children swinging and playing under this great tree.

Remember that the new term of photo classes begins
the week of May 7th.  If you would like to learn to
better use your camera through personalized
instruction in a small group setting, this is the place.
If you  have any questions about the classes please
feel free to use the contact form in this blog.
You may register by  using the Paypal button on the right.

Urban Redbud

I saw this vignette on the way to a location
portrait shoot with my photo class.
All the students had gone ahead and I was making up time
by going a different route.
It looked really nice but the light was not there
and I was in a hurry……
So, the next day, when the light was right.
I was there.  A beat-up old building that
would be unremarkable except for the
spring bloom.     Enjoy! 

Downed Dragon

This giant was originally a pine tree. In driving past,
the angle and the light were just right to
reveal this dragon hidden inside.
One of the points I always emphasize in my
photo classes is learning to see creatively.
99 out of 100 people would have driven past this
old dead tree and never seen a thing.
In fact, one person to ask me what I was taking a photo
of and gave me the strangest look when I pointed and said,
“that dragon over there”.
I encourage my students to look outside box and not just take
the first photo they may see.  I teach techniques that I
have learned over the years that shine a unique light
on the ordinary and make it special.