Evening on Sparks Lane

Evening Light on Sparks Lane
Evening Light on Sparks Lane

Summer is here.  Everything is ready for a photographer to arrive.

Now, all you need to do is to learn how to “create” an image……
Not to just capture or take a picture, but to really CREATE the image.
There is a world of difference between act of creation
and just making a record photo of what was in front of you.

Summer classes are now forming. The new term starts July 8th.
You may sign up by using the Paypal link in the right sidebar.
I hope to see you in class.

Early Morning Light

—Spring On Sparks Lane—
Early one morning last week. We were out on Sparks Lane.
No traffic, beautiful light, still a hint of the fog that had been there.
A classic pathway photo.
I have always been fascinated with roads, lanes, and pathways.
They seen, to me, to be a metaphor for life.
The road ahead…beckoning, calling us to explore…….
What, I wonder, is at the end of our road.