New Classes Beginning

Lone Leaf
Lone Leaf

A bit more than a week to go before the new term starts.
If you want to learn to make great images with your camera…
if you want to be able to capture the first colors of spring…
if you want to be able to record your family gatherings…
Now is the time to enroll. 
The new term starts March 3rd.
You may use the Paypal link in the side bar.

March Photo Classes

Wine Glass In Blue
Wine Glass In Blue

They are almost here…the March / April Photo Classes.
If you have ever wanted to learn how to do great photos.
This one, above, was a class project from last Thursday.
If you really want to capture wonderful images of family and friends.
If you have always thought that your images should look better .
This is your chance….New classes are forming now !
They fill up very fast so do not wait…use the Paypal link on the right.

I hope to see you in class……..

Lateral Lippizaner

Are you in the starting block all ready to get started?

Have you told yourself that you really want to learn how
to create good images with your camera?
Have you realized that autumn is arriving and that you
have no idea how to capture the great photos of fall?

Well, there is still time for you to enroll in the upcoming term of photo classes.
The new term begins next week, except for Mondays class which starts on the 10th.
You still have time to move over to the right side bar of this blog and register. 
Go ahead, make an investment in your creative future. 

Why Learn Photography ?

Why bother to study photography?

When you purchase the camera, you are told all the things that it can do for you…automatically.  You are not even required to think, let alone learn anything.
Your new camera has pre-made settings for the things you enjoy photographing.
There is a setting for Landscapes and here is one for family Portraits.
Wow!  It is all here for you……and this works great, until…until…
Until you begin to become a bit more visually literate and now those
family pix and landscapes do not look so good.  They appear flat and
worst of all, boring.  You realize that there must be more to this thing
called photography.  So, you read some books, practice a lot, maybe
watch a video or two on You Tube and you begin to understand that
there is a lot that you do not know.      Now What ??

The absolute best way to learn is to take a class.   That is why I offer
classes from my home/studio.  I know that it is the best way to learn.
In my life, I have been fortunate to able to study with several working
professionals in their studios.  And now, I am making that same
opportunity available to you.
Watch the side bar and the “Classes & Workshops” page for up coming classes.
Please feel free to send me an email with any questions.