Beginning Class Photos

Shawnee Park
Shawnee Park

Did you ever wonder what we do in a photo class?
Well, we have a mixture of class room and practical, outdoor work.
In the beginning class you will spend the first few weeks learning the basics
of how your camera works and how to set it to get the best results.
Then we take you outdoors and have you do it for real. A mini field trip.
You see, photography is more than just “book learning”. It is the practice
of creation…you are creating art and the camera is just the tool you are using.
That being said, what did we do last night? The above image is from
the beginning class last night.
You can learn how to  use your camera to achieve images like this.
Just sign up for the next round of classes starting the first week in May.
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New Classes


Moonlight Mystery
Moonlight Mystery

Have you ever wondered what we do in a photography class
Well,  this is what we did last night.
A bit of natural light, a bit of moon light, and a bit of flash for the foreground water feature. All balanced together into a harmonious image.
Would you like to learn these advanced  techniques?
Or just how to use your camera better?
This is your chance……sign up for a photo class …
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Hurry…the new term begins on May 6th…


Web Cast

Having finished a series of flowing water images, I knew just where to go to get the sunset light on the old cabin. I had seen it just glowing the evening  before but could not get to the position I needed due to heavy tourist traffic. Tonight, if anything, the light is better. Camp fires have added a bit of warm smoke haze to the light and it will be perfect for the image I have in mind.
As we head for the new  location, out of the corner of my eye, there is a flash of light. It takes almost a quarter of a mile for me to register what I had seen…a giant spiderweb glowing in the evening light.  OK, stop, turn around and go back…looking for it…not finding it….going way past it…turning around again…and this time, slowly..slowly driving the road…there it is!  Invisible from the other direction due to the light….
The sun is setting, not much time as this is in deep woods and the light is going fast. Set up the tripod, look for the right position, make the  image.  But, where is Mr. Spider??  To make a web this large (about 5 feet across) we are expecting a 50 kg  beast….and there he is, up on a nearby branch. A red/orange creature about 5″ big. Who obviously has a large appetite and great expectations. He is watching us, thinking “dinner” but we are too big for  him….perhaps, another somewhat smaller prey will happen along.
The light has gone from the web and it has all but disappeared.
We move on to the cabin where as expected the light is now just right.

The lesson is not to become so fixated on the “next place” that you miss the wonderful things that are right in front of  you.  I have learned to drive slower, to see better, to stop and go back for things rather than lettings them pass by, and to really look at what is available for  me.  A good lesson for all of  us. 

Portal Path

Taken the other day around a local park. It seems that everything is blooming already. I just love pathways, portals, trails, bridges, and old barns. They are so expressive. They just speak to me of past generations, of others who came before and who left their footprints for us to follow.
It is how we best learn. Not by trying to reinvent the wheel but by standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before. Not by striking out on our own but by attending a class and learning as a group the time tested methods that work. After we have learned, we then go  off and create new things to pass on to the next generation.  It is the way of learning.
You can partake of this learning by using the signup form in the right sidebar of this blog. New classes are starting the week of May 7th.
I hope to see you in class. 

Farm Yard Feline

Some times, when you are out working, things just come together for a good image.
We were out doing some autumn portraits for a class demonstration and came upon this shaft of sunlight falling right on the old plow.  After setting up the camera for the  “Plow Photo”  this autumn colored feline walked out from behind the tree and stopped to take a good look at us.  We, of course reciprocated.  “That’s it kitty, a big smile”  :-)