Rippled Reflections

Ah, the benefits of a little time out of the studio.  Having felt as though I was imprisoned by work these last few days, I jumped at the chance to get out a bit.  A local park, one of the places that I go with my students for lessons. So, not new views…old familiar ones.
I needed to find something other than the standard  image….so, a bit  of creativity was in order:  windows with heavy texture + stand mounted flash with filter = image…
Since this was not a class, no students were  harmed in the creation of this image…LOL.

Cabin Cameo

Not ten feet from the intersection of a state  highway and a very busy county road.
We pulled up to the stop sign looked and immediately parked the car
off the road to get out the cameras.
Walked around the area, found the best view,  set up the tripods, measured the light, added some 600ws of judicious fill flash and started to work.
As I tell the students: “a good subject is always available, you just need  to look”.
I found it interesting that as we were working a local stopped
and asked what we were photographing.
They drive past  it every day and have become used to the view….
“I wonder why anyone would stop to take a picture of that old house?”
We know though, don’t we?

Dual Diagonal Canon G12

Another image from the Canon G12.  Not quite as sharp as I would like but I think that is my fault since I was working hand held in bad light.  There should be a bit more “bite”  around the edges so the built in Vibration Reduction has limits.  Well, I always knew that it did but I wanted to find out just what they were. For me at least, a good solid 2 1/2 stops.  This was at 3 stops below what I normally hand hold and it is just a bit off. So, I will be happy with 2 stops.  Again, for a camera this small that is very good. I have always found that,  for the way I hold a camera,  a heaver camera is more stable.  This image is just tweaked a bit in Lightroom. About 20 Vibrance and 65 Clarity to help the sharpness problem.  At 8 x 10 it looks all right as a print but I would not go larger with this image.

Arches In The Park


Back in the day, when I opened my first portrait studio in Lima, this Pavilion was where we would bring the brides & grooms for their outdoor outdoor session.  A lot has changed in professional photography since those days.  But, I bet that the local pros still use this area in the same way we did.  The technology may change (a lot), but the basics of a good image remain the same,  Subject, Light & Location…..and the technical skill to render them effectively.  The Arches remain. If I was still in town, I am sure that I would have the children / grandchildren of the original families and brides asking to be photographed at this location.   Ah, the benefits of a studio background.

If you are interested in learning the skills necessary to become a professional photographer, remember that I give lessons.  The next term starts the first week in August. You may enroll by using the Paypal link in the right side bar.  If you  have any questions about the classes, please feel free to send me an email.

Photography Education

Just as the water wheel keeps turning. We should always keep learning & growing.
We can always learn something new to increase our abilities.
Remember, classes in my studio begin June 8th, for Beginning and June 9th
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Bank Building 1909

Today has started off as gray and chilly. The expectation of snow is in the air.
So, a black and white image seemed to be just the thing to post.
This is one of my old ones, with the original done on Agfa 100 B&W film. Late day sun gave a spot light effect to the building which  just “glowed” as we drove down the street.

The Lima Paint & Color Co

This is from a “walk about” with a friend last year. The original is in color but it was processed to give it a bit of the old time Tri-X look.  I think slightly gritty feel goes with the experience of a faded downtown area.  A long time ago, I was a staff photographer for the local newspaper and this downtown was very familiar to me. A lot has changed since this area was the vibrant hub of a bustling city.   So, it is somehow fitting that a place named “Paint & Color” should be portrayed  in black and white.  A subtle statement…don’t you think  ….heh.   OK, that is enough of the walk down memory lane. Time passes, the technology changes, towns change, and most importantly, we grow and change for the better. Enjoy.

No Entry

This image reminds me of our basement. We are in the process of redoing it into a class room facility. When finished, it will allow me to teach workshops in photography and photoshop. It actually looks worse than this at the moment, but when finished it will be  a lot nicer and much more functional.

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Mountain Crafts

Closed until March….open only on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM…..if I had to stand out in the weather all day to sell my photographs, I would also be closed until March. Do not allow the exterior to fool you, Sandra is a very good painter who specializes in scenes from around the Smoky Mountains area. We have one of her Cades Cove oil paintings hanging in our living room. We discovered her work in a local restaurant where we were seated under a painting she had given to the owner.  We were so impressed that we just had to find her and see what else she had to offer.  The hunt took several years since she does not have a web site, is not listed in the Tennessee  artist listings, is not in the telephone book, and of course we were doing the search from Ohio which makes it more difficult. We finally found her mother who told us where to find Sandra and we have been steady patrons for many years now.
As I am writing this, it occurs to me that the search we went on is one reason why I have a web presence. I do not want to be hard to find.  I do not want you to have to spend a lot of time trying to locate me. If you cannot find me, you cannot see my work, and you cannot purchase anything.  Ah, we learn our lessons in the most unique ways.. at least I seem to do it that way.

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