Misty Memories

Log Cabin in Fog on Blue Ridge Parkway
Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Misty Memories,  Does this image stir up memories for you?
Did you ever wonder how long it takes to get a good image??
This is a good example of the process…..
It took three years to capture this image of a cabin in the fog along the Blue Ridge Parkway. When I saw it the first time it was OK, but no fog….1 year later it was pouring down rain….1 year later it was so foggy that the road was closed….at last, after 3 years it was just right. Yes, the road was closed and we had to walk about a mile to get to it but I think it was worth all the trouble. This is the image I saw in my head three years before.

July/August Classes Forming

Chillicothe Court House

Have you ever been out driving around and just see something that you just know would be a great image?   I was in Chillicothe the other day just about the time the court house lights were coming on. The court house clock tower looked good, but something was missing. I took the image anyway, blank sky and all…I just knew that it was worth something.  On the way home, about 1 hour and some 40 miles away, I found the rest of the image as storm clouds came up and I finished the image out of the car window. Remember that Summer classes begin on July 7th.
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Think Spring

Good Morning
Good Morning

The days are longer, the temps are rising.
There is a noticeable lack of snow on the ground.
The early flowers have poked up looking for the sun.
And the students are itching to get outside with their new skills.
You can join them by signing up for the new term which starts in May.
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New Classes Beginning

Lone Leaf
Lone Leaf

A bit more than a week to go before the new term starts.
If you want to learn to make great images with your camera…
if you want to be able to capture the first colors of spring…
if you want to be able to record your family gatherings…
Now is the time to enroll. 
The new term starts March 3rd.
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New Classes Forming


Just a reminder that the new term begins in July.

 If you have been looking for great
digital photography classes that combine class room with
a lot of real world shooting experience then this is just for you.

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I hope to see you in class.