Greenbriar Glow

sunset over Greenbriar in the Smoky Mountains
Sunset over Greenbriar in the Smoky Mountains

To be in the right place at the right time is the responsibility of the professional photographer.
Knowing what to do when you are there is the next big thing.
Then taking the image into post processing to achieve the previsualized result is the last step.
When everything works just right….a really stunning image can be the result.
Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.

This is a sunset over the river in the Greenbriar section of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It took several days until all the elements of the image were in the correct place for what I had in mind.  

This image is available in several sizes in our gallery. It is also available as a metal print for the most impact.

When you are next in the Smokys be sure to drop into the gallery. We are located at 744 Powdermill Road. Just off of Glades Road on the Historic Artist’s Loop in Gatlinburg.

Misty Memories

Log Cabin in Fog on Blue Ridge Parkway
Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Misty Memories,  Does this image stir up memories for you?
Did you ever wonder how long it takes to get a good image??
This is a good example of the process…..
It took three years to capture this image of a cabin in the fog along the Blue Ridge Parkway. When I saw it the first time it was OK, but no fog….1 year later it was pouring down rain….1 year later it was so foggy that the road was closed….at last, after 3 years it was just right. Yes, the road was closed and we had to walk about a mile to get to it but I think it was worth all the trouble. This is the image I saw in my head three years before.

July/August Classes Forming

Chillicothe Court House

Have you ever been out driving around and just see something that you just know would be a great image?   I was in Chillicothe the other day just about the time the court house lights were coming on. The court house clock tower looked good, but something was missing. I took the image anyway, blank sky and all…I just knew that it was worth something.  On the way home, about 1 hour and some 40 miles away, I found the rest of the image as storm clouds came up and I finished the image out of the car window. Remember that Summer classes begin on July 7th.
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Spring Comes To The Smoky Mountains

A beautiful spring day at Campbell Overlook in the Smoky Mountains
A beautiful spring day at Campbell Overlook in the Smoky Mountains

This has already become a favorite in the studio.

The spring blooms as seen from Campbell Overlook.
It just seems like everything is new again and
that we can all start fresh.

Remember that you can get a fresh start in photography
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The next term begins in July…right around the corner.

X Marks The Spot

A Smoky Mountains barn door.
A Smoky Mountains barn door.

The door of a barn here in the Smoky Mountains.

I don’t think they build them like this anymore.

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A Good Field Trip

                                                            AUTUMN GLORY

                                              A BONE SHAKER

Just back  from leading a weekend field trip to Hocking Hills in Ohio.
The weather cooperated giving us mild temperatures with  just enough
overcast to cut the brightness range and still allow the autumn colors to pop.
The participants had an enjoyable time and
learned a lot if you judge by their images.

If you are a person who always wanted to take a class in photography,
always wanted to learn to capture and process great images,
or just wants to learn more about how to use your camera.
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The Face Of Heaven

Yesterday began as a good day.  A light overcast gave wonderful diffuse light. High 80’s with the forecast of some rain later on in the day.  The remnants of the storm Isaac, that just went through the southern states was not supposed to hit before late evening, we were safe. The image making could begin. This was 9:00am.
It had really clouded over by 1:00pm.  
By 2:00pm the heavens had opened and we were trying to remember how to build an ark large enough to fit the car (lol).  The storm lasted most of the afternoon while we took cover in a nearby restaurant and watched through the floor to ceiling windows.  A spectacular sight, the rain whipping the landscape, and us in a nice dry place with food and beverages. The only way to weather a storm. 
After lunch and as the storm abated we ventured outside once again and found this face in the now reddish sky.  The Face Of Heaven ??