Pronged Passing

The deer passes quietly through the field as the late evening sun
casts a soft glow to the surrounding woods.  A gentle hush
falls over the cove. Day is almost done.  Have you accomplished
you goals for the day? Have you grown more in tune with nature?
Have you  become wiser in the ways of creating your art
and sharing it with the world?

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Lingering Light

The same evening, a quarter of a mile down the road from the barn in my last post.
The light is still holding its golden glow. It has taken a long time to get here.
There have been so many interesting vignettes along the way and
of course, I needed to stop and work with each of them.
I am really surprised the light has held for so long. This
day is coming to an end. Now, there is only a tiny piece of sun left….
just the smallest sliver showing over the mountains.
Luck is still with me as  that tiny sliver of sun light is falling right
on the cabin I have been heading for.   There is almost no time left…
Park,  grab the gear and run for the right spot where the sliver of light
is just hitting the cabin wall and emphasizing the warmth of the wood
and the brick fireplace chimney.  The warm light also added depth to the
green leafy surround and the split rail fence in the foreground.
Three images was all the time I had ….and the light show was over
for the day.  The last of the sun disappeared behind the mountains
leaving just the glow from the sky. A great look but without the
spotlighting effect of a bit of direct sunlight.
I was making a few more images, close ups of the cabin,  when I turned
to find a local watching me….
both  of us enjoying the last of the Lingering Light.
I drove home in the dark….leaving the squirrel  to guard the cabin.
A fitting end to the perfect day. 

Oh, almost forgot…New classes begin the week of July 9th.
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Luminous Logs

As we slowly came over the rise I could see the light beams gently flowing between the peaks of the mountains.  The haze in the air turning the evening into an even deeper warm glow. We are on the way to the cabin I mentioned in the last post but so much is happening along the way. The sunset tonight feels as though it is lasting much longer than normal. Almost as if the light is “stuck” in the perfect position for me to make great images.

Around every turn there is something new…familiar things made new and exciting by the great light. New things to see and new images to make. This old barn, some thing I have looked at thousands of times before, is now glowing from the inside. “Look, look at me…this is what I can be…this is the beauty I have inside that you have not recognized before.” 

So, of course I was forced to stop and make a portrait of the barn in all her glory.  After all, she did make a very special effort to make herself beautiful just for me.

Web Cast

Having finished a series of flowing water images, I knew just where to go to get the sunset light on the old cabin. I had seen it just glowing the evening  before but could not get to the position I needed due to heavy tourist traffic. Tonight, if anything, the light is better. Camp fires have added a bit of warm smoke haze to the light and it will be perfect for the image I have in mind.
As we head for the new  location, out of the corner of my eye, there is a flash of light. It takes almost a quarter of a mile for me to register what I had seen…a giant spiderweb glowing in the evening light.  OK, stop, turn around and go back…looking for it…not finding it….going way past it…turning around again…and this time, slowly..slowly driving the road…there it is!  Invisible from the other direction due to the light….
The sun is setting, not much time as this is in deep woods and the light is going fast. Set up the tripod, look for the right position, make the  image.  But, where is Mr. Spider??  To make a web this large (about 5 feet across) we are expecting a 50 kg  beast….and there he is, up on a nearby branch. A red/orange creature about 5″ big. Who obviously has a large appetite and great expectations. He is watching us, thinking “dinner” but we are too big for  him….perhaps, another somewhat smaller prey will happen along.
The light has gone from the web and it has all but disappeared.
We move on to the cabin where as expected the light is now just right.

The lesson is not to become so fixated on the “next place” that you miss the wonderful things that are right in front of  you.  I have learned to drive slower, to see better, to stop and go back for things rather than lettings them pass by, and to really look at what is available for  me.  A good lesson for all of  us. 

January Up Date

So, it has been 26 days since my last blog entry.  I am getting questions like, what is going on  and where are you.

This  has been a strange January.  Normally, by this time I would expect to have been snow bound for at least a week,  have taken a lot of white photos of new snow which would have been posted, have spent a lot of time wondering where  my next portrait session would come from, and in general have had a ton of time on my hands.

However, none of that happened this month.

This has been one of my busy months.  Classes are going well, clients are calling, old friends are keeping in touch, no snow, no ice, not very cold, no need to be stuck in the house, and not enough time to get everything done.

This is a good thing….but, I can’t help wondering if the “crash” will come in July when I am normally swamped.  lol


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Downed Dragon

This giant was originally a pine tree. In driving past,
the angle and the light were just right to
reveal this dragon hidden inside.
One of the points I always emphasize in my
photo classes is learning to see creatively.
99 out of 100 people would have driven past this
old dead tree and never seen a thing.
In fact, one person to ask me what I was taking a photo
of and gave me the strangest look when I pointed and said,
“that dragon over there”.
I encourage my students to look outside box and not just take
the first photo they may see.  I teach techniques that I
have learned over the years that shine a unique light
on the ordinary and make it special.

Enchanted Evening

Last night was the end of the term for my classes.
A new session begins next week.
It has been a good time for 8 weeks with a lot
of learning taking place.

Typically, a class combines both class room or field work
( or both) and post processing work on the computer.
The students get a chance to see the finished work
right after creating the image.  A really good way to learn.

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