Spring Flowers in the Smoky Mountains

Spring flowers in sunlight at Cades Cove

It is pushing 80* right now down here in the mountains.
Not bad for the end of February.
Now, picture in your minds eye driving through Cades Cove and seeing a bright spot of light off to your left.
Pull over to get a closer look, and find some daffodils blooming in a spot of sunlight.
You would do the same thing that I did…get out your camera and create this image.
I just had to share.

New Classes Forming


Just a reminder that the new term begins in July.

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I hope to see you in class. 

Fenced In ??

Have you been feeling a bit fenced in lately?
A little stymied by a lack of knowledge about how to get the most out of your camera?
You really want to create great images but when you see them on the screen
they just don’t look like what you wanted to capture.   :cry:

If this is what has happened to you, I have a solution:
sign up for one of the photo classes which are starting next week.
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Bike Bridge

Spring flowers and a bridge on the bike trail.

From a local park where I take students for composition studies.
This is also a nice place for portraiture in the advanced topics class.

 Just a reminder: the next term of classes begins May 7th.
If you would like to really learn how to create great images
this is the right time to enroll.  
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Out Damn-delion

When I was a boy, I would help my dad with the lawn work.
As he went around killing weeds I would hear him say: “Out Damn-delion”!
I know, a bad joke, but a true story.
Seeing this sign of spring served as a reminder for me
of a long gone childhood.   I am now more like my father
and have been known to use some “adult” language on the backyard weeds. 

If you are interested in learning photography, being able to use your camera better,
or just being able to capture you own memories a bit better…I have a class for you.
The new term of photo classes will be starting May 7th….there will never be a better time for you to start your journey of photo discovery.
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Tulip Time

While out on a bike ride a few days ago we happened
upon this group of spring flowers in a neighbors front
yard. Of course, we  just had to stop and get out the
camera. This caused the neighbors to step outside
to see what we were doing in their yard. Which resulted
in our meeting some very good gardeners who are
also really nice folks.  After our ride, this image was
processed, a print was made, and delivered to
our new friends around the corner.
Isn’t photography wonderful??

Remember to register for the May / June class term if you
are interested in learning more about how to use your camera
and how to get the images that you are after.

Dogwood Delight


While waiting for the students to arrive last night I saw the sun lighting
up our front yard Dogwood which has now bloomed.  Of course, a few images
were in order.
One of the things that photo students enjoy is close-ups of flowers and
we do cover it in class.
Just as a reminder, the new term of photo classes begins the week of
May 7th….so, if you want to learn photography in a creative environment
along with some really nice folks, this is the place to be. If you have any questions about what class you should sign up for or just what happens in a class, please drop me a note and I will get right back to you.
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Scenic Sun Flower

Last night the photo class met at a large field of sun flowers.
The object was to find a way to express the feeling of the flowers.
The evening was overcast and it had been raining off and on all day.
As the sun was going down the cloud filtered light became warmer
and this flower just seemed to stand out from all the rest.
The next round of classes start in October.
Sign up to join the fun and learn to get the most from your camera.