A New Year Begins


A New Year Begins

In 2017 the site had problems with downtime. Multiple hacking attacks and ransom ware issues took their toll. It required a lot of time and effort to reclaim, repair and rebuild everything.
During the process of recreating the site, I had plenty of time to think about ways to make it not only more secure but to improve the content as well. I have given a lot of consideration to my goals for the site and how best to achieve them.
So much of what you see in the world these days is negative. We go about our lives with a list of worries too long to recite. Most of the things on that list are outside our personal control, which only adds to our distress.
In my view of the world, I prefer to focus on the things that are Right vs. Wrong. I choose to see the Beautiful vs. the Ugly and to think about the Best, not the Worst.
As part of this philosophy, I would like my site to be a source of positivity and beauty. A place where people may come to view images of natural wonder, think a few uplifting, positive thoughts and move on feeling refreshed not distressed.
With that goal in mind, in 2018 I am taking the blog in a new direction. My focus will be more on creativity and beauty, less on technical and commercial issues.

As you may know, I am a professional artist working in several different mediums, including photography, stained glass, and painting. I have found that there is a commonality to all these mediums and in my opinion to all art forms.
You must first learn to master the basics, the mechanics if you will, of your chosen medium before you may then strike out on your own to express your unique vision of the world.
There are many places where you can learn these basics, things such as how to use a camera on manual settings, how to cut and grind glass, or how to mix almost any color from a limited number of paints on a pallet.

The “ART” part is what’s different.

How do I learn to see what would make a captivating photo? How do I make it look so natural that people feel as if they were standing inside the scene?
What subject can I paint that has not been done before? What vision of reality can I conjure with oils on a canvas?
What glass panel design can I produce that is not already in a pattern book? What pattern of transmitted light can I use sunlight to create?

To paraphrase Edgar Degas, “Art is easy until you know how.”

The easy part of ART includes the tools and equipment. All these physical things can be purchased, owned and used.
The difficult part of ART is the emotion and vision. These intangible things cannot be bought and are best when shared with others.

So… In this New Year, the focus of this blog is changing. It will speak much more to the ART side of things. We will discuss beauty, vision, creativity, emotion, elegance, grace and the journeys these elements take us on.

New Workshop

Fall Color Photo Workshop
October 13th & 14th 2012 

Back by request is the popular Fall Color Photo Workshop. A two day autumn adventure held in and around Hocking Hills State Park. Located in one of the most beautiful areas of southern Ohio, there will plenty of photo opportunities for all. 

Would you like to learn how to “see” more effective images?
Get the “right” exposure for dynamic color this fall?
Select the “best” focal length for a great photo?
Learn to tell a visual story about what you are seeing and experiencing?
If you answered YES to any of these questions……
Then, you should check out the Fall Color Workshop.

The dates are: Saturday and Sunday   October 13th & 14th
The times are: 9AM Sat thru 5PM Sun
The investment is:  A $125.00 class fee.  Your meals and  lodging are not included in this fee.

Space is very limited in this workshop in order for you to receive a high level of personal attention. So, sign up now to reserve your seat.  The information on lodging and meals will be sent to you in response to you registration. You may use the Paypal button in the right sidebar to register for this exciting weekend.

If you have any questions please email me.

Monday: Aug 13th:  ONLY 4 SPACES LEFT !!! 

Cabin Cameo

Not ten feet from the intersection of a state  highway and a very busy county road.
We pulled up to the stop sign looked and immediately parked the car
off the road to get out the cameras.
Walked around the area, found the best view,  set up the tripods, measured the light, added some 600ws of judicious fill flash and started to work.
As I tell the students: “a good subject is always available, you just need  to look”.
I found it interesting that as we were working a local stopped
and asked what we were photographing.
They drive past  it every day and have become used to the view….
“I wonder why anyone would stop to take a picture of that old house?”
We know though, don’t we?

Languid Leaf

The classes have started, the leaves are falling,  a chill is in the air,  sweaters have been brought out of the closets, and my driveway crunches with dry remnants of summer as I walk out to get the mail.  But, most important is the beauty that surrounds us, at this time of year, here in the mid-west. The light is different in the autumn and there is a stillness in the dappled sunlight that encourages introspection and an appreciation of life itself.  Nature, all spruced up to show us her best.

New Classes Starting

Ahhh,  the beginning of a new term.
The fall / winter session is getting underway this week.
Tonight is the first Beginning class.  And this morning was the first of the foggy fall mornings that mark the season in this part of the country.   The leaves are getting crunchy on the bike trails.  The light is warmer.  The air is crisper.
My favorite photo season is also getting underway.
So much material to work with….so little time.
I must make the most  of it…..get out of the studio more and back into nature.

Fall Color Workshop

                                            ” I WOULD HAVE PICKED THAT ONE”

“How do you decide what to photograph?”
I was asked this question by a friend who was looking over my shoulder the
other day as I was making some fall flower images.  I thought of how to respond.
I could talk about color harmony, rule of thirds, dynamic symmetry,
depth of field vs focal length, or the Fibonacci sequence ……………
all these went through my head.
In the end, I said, “Well, it just looks right”  and the reply was,
“Wow, that is just what I would have taken!”
Sometimes, just looking and seeing is the right answer.

Would you like to learn how to “see” more effective images?
Get the “right” exposure for dynamic color this fall?
Select the “best” focal length for a great photo?
Learn to tell a visual story about what you are seeing and experiencing?
If you answered YES to any of these questions……
Then, you should check out the Fall Color Workshop.
Held at beautiful Hocking Hills State Park on
Saturday, October 8th from 10 AM to 5 PM for only $75.00.
I have limited it to 10 students in order to insure that you receive
the level of personal  attention you need to learn.
So, if this is something that you would like to do,
SIGN UP NOW !!    Use the friendly Paypal link.
You MUST be pre registered…due to the preparation of teaching materials.
After you sign up, I will send you the details of:
where to meet, what to bring, subjects to be covered,
and suggestions for gear, and course materials.
Time is short, and space is limited. Act Now!

First Fall Foliage

It is coming….just a few short weeks from now.  Glorious Autumn !!  The special time of year for most photographers.  After an all day rain I found this precursor of things to come in my yard.   Time to inspect the gear and maybe get some new things for use with all the wonderful scenery to come.
Also time to maybe take that photo class you have been thinking about.  The next term begins October 5th with the Beginning class.  Such a great time of year to learn to take good photographs.   You can sign up with Paypal in the right side bar.


The other afternoon I was testing out the my new camera, a Canon G 12.
Some macro work seemed to be the order of the day.
So, into the field we went and I have to tell you that I am
impressed with this new tool. Exposure and focus are
right on and the files are really nice.  The leaf in my prior post
was also done with this camera.  Watch this space for more
on the test results.   This image was really easy with the G12.
Yes, I could have done it with a macro lens on the big Canon
but I would have needed a tripod and would have
had to take multiple frames to achieve
what I did here hand held with one frame.
So far so good.

Coming Attraction



Is fall really right around the corner?
This leaf seems to think so.
A harbinger of things to come.
This is one of the few images that we  were
able to record before we were chased out by the
heat and the ravenous insects.  After that afternoon,
I should have received a blood donor card as I am
type “A positive” in the insect world.
I am really looking forward to autumn!