Bucolic Bench

I found this vignette just down the road from my house as we were out for a bike ride.
We had ridden past it several times over the past week but it was not an image until the light was right.

The photo classes are going well.  Everyone seems to be learning a lot.
We have been working with the basics of Portrait lighting and posing for the last several weeks both on location and  in the studio.     Fun Stuff.
If you are interested in learning photography remember that the new term begins the first week in October.  You may sign up by using the Paypal link in the  right side bar of this blog.

Dual Diagonal Canon G12

Another image from the Canon G12.  Not quite as sharp as I would like but I think that is my fault since I was working hand held in bad light.  There should be a bit more “bite”  around the edges so the built in Vibration Reduction has limits.  Well, I always knew that it did but I wanted to find out just what they were. For me at least, a good solid 2 1/2 stops.  This was at 3 stops below what I normally hand hold and it is just a bit off. So, I will be happy with 2 stops.  Again, for a camera this small that is very good. I have always found that,  for the way I hold a camera,  a heaver camera is more stable.  This image is just tweaked a bit in Lightroom. About 20 Vibrance and 65 Clarity to help the sharpness problem.  At 8 x 10 it looks all right as a print but I would not go larger with this image.

Canon G12 Field Find

The more I am able to work with my new Canon G 12 the more impressed I become.
The colors, the ability to shoot RAW, the + / –  exposure controls  which are located on the top of the camera, instead of being buried in a menu, and just the general handling of this camera are, for me at least, just about right.
This “Field Find” was just sold as a 12 x 18 inch print, matted and framed to 16 x 24, and it looks great on the client’s wall.  I probably would not try to go any larger than this,  but the print from my small printer, a Canon Pro 9500,  looks very good indeed.
Very impressive from a camera this size.

For those of you who have been waiting to take a photo class.
The fall schedule has just been posted:  October thru December
Look at the “Classes & Workshops” tab at the top or see the side bar
to sign up using Paypal.
The Workshop schedule is  in the works and will be posted very soon.


The other afternoon I was testing out the my new camera, a Canon G 12.
Some macro work seemed to be the order of the day.
So, into the field we went and I have to tell you that I am
impressed with this new tool. Exposure and focus are
right on and the files are really nice.  The leaf in my prior post
was also done with this camera.  Watch this space for more
on the test results.   This image was really easy with the G12.
Yes, I could have done it with a macro lens on the big Canon
but I would have needed a tripod and would have
had to take multiple frames to achieve
what I did here hand held with one frame.
So far so good.