Cades Cove View


Wetland Wonder
Wetland Wonder

We arrived in town with just enough time before dark to take a drive through Cades Cove in the Great SmokyMountains. With the rain pouring down we had the place all to ourselves, which is a rare treat now that the season has officially started. This is a wet view from the Cove with storm clouds and a bit of rain in the background.
This trip we have placed a lot of new stock in the gallery. If you are in the Smokys drop by to see more of my work. Our gallery space is inside  Smoky Mountain Pottery, located at 744 Powdermill Road just off of Glades Road, the Artist Loop in Gatlinburg.

Monet’s Field

Monet's Field- Impressions
Monet’s Field- Impressions

Summer comes to the land with color.
Shades of green and yellow liven up a landscape.
A breeze moves the grasses and flowers creating
a flow of movement.

Are you ready to capture this moment?
Do you have both the artistic vision and
the technical skills to realize that vision?

You can do this….
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I hope to see you in class next week.


Evening on Sparks Lane

Evening Light on Sparks Lane
Evening Light on Sparks Lane

Summer is here.  Everything is ready for a photographer to arrive.

Now, all you need to do is to learn how to “create” an image……
Not to just capture or take a picture, but to really CREATE the image.
There is a world of difference between act of creation
and just making a record photo of what was in front of you.

Summer classes are now forming. The new term starts July 8th.
You may sign up by using the Paypal link in the right sidebar.
I hope to see you in class.

X Marks The Spot

A Smoky Mountains barn door.
A Smoky Mountains barn door.

The door of a barn here in the Smoky Mountains.

I don’t think they build them like this anymore.

And do not forget to put your X on the sign up form
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Pronged Passing

The deer passes quietly through the field as the late evening sun
casts a soft glow to the surrounding woods.  A gentle hush
falls over the cove. Day is almost done.  Have you accomplished
you goals for the day? Have you grown more in tune with nature?
Have you  become wiser in the ways of creating your art
and sharing it with the world?

Just a gentle reminder that classes are starting the week of July 9th.
If you have  ever wanted to really learn how to produce great images
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Lingering Light

The same evening, a quarter of a mile down the road from the barn in my last post.
The light is still holding its golden glow. It has taken a long time to get here.
There have been so many interesting vignettes along the way and
of course, I needed to stop and work with each of them.
I am really surprised the light has held for so long. This
day is coming to an end. Now, there is only a tiny piece of sun left….
just the smallest sliver showing over the mountains.
Luck is still with me as  that tiny sliver of sun light is falling right
on the cabin I have been heading for.   There is almost no time left…
Park,  grab the gear and run for the right spot where the sliver of light
is just hitting the cabin wall and emphasizing the warmth of the wood
and the brick fireplace chimney.  The warm light also added depth to the
green leafy surround and the split rail fence in the foreground.
Three images was all the time I had ….and the light show was over
for the day.  The last of the sun disappeared behind the mountains
leaving just the glow from the sky. A great look but without the
spotlighting effect of a bit of direct sunlight.
I was making a few more images, close ups of the cabin,  when I turned
to find a local watching me….
both  of us enjoying the last of the Lingering Light.
I drove home in the dark….leaving the squirrel  to guard the cabin.
A fitting end to the perfect day. 

Oh, almost forgot…New classes begin the week of July 9th.
So, if you would like to learn about lighting, how to use your camera,

composition, or just how to get great images. This is the place for you.
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Enchanted Evening

Last night was the end of the term for my classes.
A new session begins next week.
It has been a good time for 8 weeks with a lot
of learning taking place.

Typically, a class combines both class room or field work
( or both) and post processing work on the computer.
The students get a chance to see the finished work
right after creating the image.  A really good way to learn.

If you are interested in learning to become a better
photographer, sign up for a class.  Look on the right
side bar of this blog.
Any questions??  Send me an email.


Fog Fantasy

After much work, the fog of construction dust has lifted
and Photo Classes are now up & running here at the studio.
It is a pleasure for me to be, once again, teaching from my own facility.
Just the ability to walk over and pick up the correct studio prop,
move in the right light, or to have all the necessary post processing
software is a delight which has been sorely missed.
We can accomplish so much more in this type of environment then
we could in what, during the daytime, was a children’s classroom.

The students seem pleased which is the really important part.
So, at this point, I am happy.

Now, comes the fun part of getting the word out about
how to become a part this unique learning experience.
Ah, the joys of being self employed.

This image was made just as a rain storm was moving
out of Cades Cove which is part of the
Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Photography Education

Just as the water wheel keeps turning. We should always keep learning & growing.
We can always learn something new to increase our abilities.
Remember, classes in my studio begin June 8th, for Beginning and June 9th
for the Advanced class.  Cost is only $100.00 for either 8 week class.
You may use the Paypal button in the sidebar to sign up.
Hope to see you then.