Luminous Logs

As we slowly came over the rise I could see the light beams gently flowing between the peaks of the mountains.  The haze in the air turning the evening into an even deeper warm glow. We are on the way to the cabin I mentioned in the last post but so much is happening along the way. The sunset tonight feels as though it is lasting much longer than normal. Almost as if the light is “stuck” in the perfect position for me to make great images.

Around every turn there is something new…familiar things made new and exciting by the great light. New things to see and new images to make. This old barn, some thing I have looked at thousands of times before, is now glowing from the inside. “Look, look at me…this is what I can be…this is the beauty I have inside that you have not recognized before.” 

So, of course I was forced to stop and make a portrait of the barn in all her glory.  After all, she did make a very special effort to make herself beautiful just for me.

New Opportunity To Learn

It has been a good 7 weeks in class. Next week is the last of this term.
Notes will be reviewed, questions will be asked, what is confused
will be clarified,  and sign-ups for next term will start.
It has really been great to watch the students progress over
the last few weeks. I sometimes wonder if they realize how far
they have come in such a short time.  As they bring in their work
for comment / critique they are, of course, way too hard on themselves.
The great myth of photography, perpetuated by the manufactures
and the camera sales people, is that anyone with a  camera can
produce a great image.  What the mythology fails to mention is 
that to consistently produce a good images takes a lot of
training and practice.  So students come in thinking that they
should be able to get great results almost instantly and spend
a lot of time beating themselves up when that does not happen.
Like anything else, developing a skill set in photography takes time
and education and a lot of practice.
If you want to really learn how to create great images,
and are willing to make the investment in your progress,
remember that the spring term starts in two weeks.
I am looking forward to working with you.

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Rippled Reflections

Ah, the benefits of a little time out of the studio.  Having felt as though I was imprisoned by work these last few days, I jumped at the chance to get out a bit.  A local park, one of the places that I go with my students for lessons. So, not new views…old familiar ones.
I needed to find something other than the standard  image….so, a bit  of creativity was in order:  windows with heavy texture + stand mounted flash with filter = image…
Since this was not a class, no students were  harmed in the creation of this image…LOL.

Cabin Cameo

Not ten feet from the intersection of a state  highway and a very busy county road.
We pulled up to the stop sign looked and immediately parked the car
off the road to get out the cameras.
Walked around the area, found the best view,  set up the tripods, measured the light, added some 600ws of judicious fill flash and started to work.
As I tell the students: “a good subject is always available, you just need  to look”.
I found it interesting that as we were working a local stopped
and asked what we were photographing.
They drive past  it every day and have become used to the view….
“I wonder why anyone would stop to take a picture of that old house?”
We know though, don’t we?

Back Road

What I Am Grateful For:

Today, it seems that life is more complex and challenging than it once was, and we all work  harder and longer to get through the day. It is more difficult to stop and take the time to be grateful and sometimes we forget about all but the biggest things in our lives.  But, for me, it’s always been the smaller things I’m most grateful for and that make the biggest impact on my life.  My family of course,  friends,  old friends rediscovered, my students, and the simple yet profound questions they ask me, that I have learned from even as I have answered them, or the sublime sense of being one with nature and making an image that I know will out live me.  Having a lifestyle / job that supports my passion of photography.  Those are the things I am  grateful for today.

I wish for you a wonderful holiday! May your holiday be blessed with the 4 “F’s” of Thanksgiving great food, friends, family, and football.

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Summer Place


A short trip to the mountains resulted in this summer time view of an old favorite.  Just out of camera range the area is swarming with tourists.  But we do not see them and they did not see me until I surprised them by walking out of the woods.  I have always found it strange that people are willing to drive for hours to a scenic location and then refuse to get out of the car to explore and look around.  I once overheard a parking lot conversation with the husband saying to the wife; “well, we have driven over the pass and around this cove so we have seen it all, we can go home now.”   I wondered if he had left the car for anything except food and the motel room.  Why go all that way and miss the real experience of the mountains?  Any thoughts?

Spring In The Mountains

—Green Glade—
A cabin in the mountains surrounded by the new green
of spring with just a touch of warm early evening light
to help with the glow.
We had returned from a long hike around the perimeter of the property,
arriving from the back side of this familiar cabin just in time to
catch this view in perfect light.
The vibrance of the color is normal for this time of
year. A brief shower came along to remove all the dust
just before this was taken.
A sky of scattered clouds gave a spotlight effect to the scene.
Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?
Even if you did not really “plan” it this way.