Urban Artifacts

“A perfect day for a road trip.”  My friend told me as we were headed out with our cameras.
It turned out that he was correct. Not only did the day, read weather, work out very well but
the subject matter was the type of old, rusted, gritty, weatherbeaten, urban artifacts that I love to work with.
A bit of contrast was all that was needed to tell the story of a hard working truck that had seen better days.
Here are a couple from the day.

Urban Artifacts
Terminal Truck Cab


Urban Artifacts
Terminal Truck


OK, I know….but I just could not resist it.   
However, in all seriousness, there is an extraordinary opportunity for you to learn photography.  In just three weeks, the first week in September, a new term 
of photography classes begins. 
Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate student this is the place for
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Feel free to write me with any questions or just use the
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Fenced In ??

Have you been feeling a bit fenced in lately?
A little stymied by a lack of knowledge about how to get the most out of your camera?
You really want to create great images but when you see them on the screen
they just don’t look like what you wanted to capture.   :cry:

If this is what has happened to you, I have a solution:
sign up for one of the photo classes which are starting next week.
You will learn how to make great images, how to get the most from your camera,
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The Chapel On Ridge Road

Over the years this small church has provided  many great images
to visual artists.  Both photographers and painters have been regularly seen
creating images of this local landmark.  For a long time it was an active
church but more recently has fallen upon hard times.
It is still beautiful in all of its faded glory and will continue to provide
images for at least a few more years.   It is really sad to see it go. 

New Opportunity To Learn

It has been a good 7 weeks in class. Next week is the last of this term.
Notes will be reviewed, questions will be asked, what is confused
will be clarified,  and sign-ups for next term will start.
It has really been great to watch the students progress over
the last few weeks. I sometimes wonder if they realize how far
they have come in such a short time.  As they bring in their work
for comment / critique they are, of course, way too hard on themselves.
The great myth of photography, perpetuated by the manufactures
and the camera sales people, is that anyone with a  camera can
produce a great image.  What the mythology fails to mention is 
that to consistently produce a good images takes a lot of
training and practice.  So students come in thinking that they
should be able to get great results almost instantly and spend
a lot of time beating themselves up when that does not happen.
Like anything else, developing a skill set in photography takes time
and education and a lot of practice.
If you want to really learn how to create great images,
and are willing to make the investment in your progress,
remember that the spring term starts in two weeks.
I am looking forward to working with you.

You may sign up by using the Paypal button located in the right sidebar.

Bucolic Bench

I found this vignette just down the road from my house as we were out for a bike ride.
We had ridden past it several times over the past week but it was not an image until the light was right.

The photo classes are going well.  Everyone seems to be learning a lot.
We have been working with the basics of Portrait lighting and posing for the last several weeks both on location and  in the studio.     Fun Stuff.
If you are interested in learning photography remember that the new term begins the first week in October.  You may sign up by using the Paypal link in the  right side bar of this blog.

Dual Diagonal Canon G12

Another image from the Canon G12.  Not quite as sharp as I would like but I think that is my fault since I was working hand held in bad light.  There should be a bit more “bite”  around the edges so the built in Vibration Reduction has limits.  Well, I always knew that it did but I wanted to find out just what they were. For me at least, a good solid 2 1/2 stops.  This was at 3 stops below what I normally hand hold and it is just a bit off. So, I will be happy with 2 stops.  Again, for a camera this small that is very good. I have always found that,  for the way I hold a camera,  a heaver camera is more stable.  This image is just tweaked a bit in Lightroom. About 20 Vibrance and 65 Clarity to help the sharpness problem.  At 8 x 10 it looks all right as a print but I would not go larger with this image.