Recycle The Wreath

Our Christmas wreath has found a new way
to be decorative. 
Tossed out the back door until spring.
When it becomes an addition to the compost.
I discovered it today after a day of shooting.
Partially covered with snow it looks 
almost as good as it did hanging
on the door when it was new.


Winter Water

It has been a while since my last post.
Life happens.
Trips to take, prints to make and send,
classes to plan, ….you know, life.

It would be really great if all I had to do
was take photos and post them for you all to enjoy.
However this is a business and I have a cat to feed.
So, I must attend to the business of photography.
It is nice that I am selling enough work to
buy cat food.  She gets unhappy if she is not fed.

Todays photo is called “Winter Water”.
Taken on a walk in the area.
I find it interesting just how much color
is available even in the dead of winter.
Oh, and yes, the water really is green.


Yellow Springs

The desire to take longer daily walk than usual
brought me to Yellow Springs.
A small town about 10 miles from home.
There are several local and state parks here.
Makes for good walking.

These are the Yellow Springs…
the town was named after them.
A large part iron in the water has formed the 
distinctive yellow color on the rocks.
Moss growing down the sides gives the green
and the blue water comes from the open sky reflection.
I had never seen it in just this way before.
It is normally in the shade, but since this is winter
and several trees were lost in the big wind storm
that we had here a few months ago…I received rare
treat. Perfect light falling on the springs.

I will have to walk here more often.
Who knows what else I may find.

Stream Detail #6 2008

Here I am on Dec 24th, still waiting for snow.
We have had the grey sky, the -16* wind chill,
the cold, wet rain…..all of the unpleasantness
that goes with winter but none of the beauty.

Ah Well, be careful what I wish for….

So, in between bouts of cold rain, I got out 
with the camera. I am not very comfortable taking 
the Canon 40D out into the rain after reading
 Dave Beckerman’s comments about having
to dry out the camera after being out with it in the rain.
I guess I could always go back to the old
plastic bag with a hole cut in it for the lens.
If I “really” wanted to be out with a camera in the cold rain.

Winter without snow, the color becomes more muted,
more subtle, and the shape & form of things become 
more important.
Not quite B&W but getting close.
A few spots of color on the rocks. 
Left overs from the once brilliant fall color show,
now add just enough color to keep the image from 
being a real black and white.

I like the heart formed by the water
in this image. Maybe a reminder that:
Love is the reason for the season.

Happy Holidays to all !!

Path @ Chapel Ridge

Across from the church…
This path to nowhere….
A relic of long ago…
Once led to the chapel ?
A place of horse drawn wagons…
Carriages and sleighs…
Gone now except in memory…
The memory of the trees.

Canon Digital       85mm @ F/8     Original In Color