Last Night Of Class

Last night was the last Landscape Photography class until fall.

It was field trip night to a local park. A very warm evening but everyone enjoyed it.

As you can see the sunset alone was worth the trip.

Nature put on a good show for us.

Thank you to all the students who attended.

Part of the fun for me is to watch your images grow better & better as the class progresses.

Be sure to watch this blog for next falls’ schedule.

Spring At The Park

Here I go again with a path, a trail, or a set of steps.
I think that all artists are at least somewhat into
metaphors.  Pathways, trails, and steps are some
of my favorites.
This photo is from Wednesdays’ class at the Springfield Museum.
We took a short field trip to a local park to see and record the changes
that the colors of Spring make in what is normally a drab scene.

One For The Road

Just a quick photo from last night’s class.
The back patio of the museum.
I will be teaching a Landscape Photography class at the museum in June.
The class will meet from 6:30 to 9:00 PM on Wednesdays for 4 weeks.
Starting June 16th.   The cost is $50.00.  You MUST have a DSLR and be able to use it.
Three weeks of intensive class work with the last class being a field trip.
If you are interested go to: and tell her that you would like to sign up for the Landscape Photography class.
The class did not make it into the regular summer brochure,
for a variety of reasons, but it is being offered.
Hope to see you there.

The Way Of Water

A couple from the class I am teaching on Thursday nights.
These were demos for the students to see how light and motion work together.
The water, Buck Creek. runs right by the museum, not 100 yards from the door.

Just for your information:  this is the 200th post on this blog.
I hope that you all have enjoyed the photos and the comments.
Remember that your comments are always welcome.

Springfield Show

Just a quick photo of one wall of my show.
I think it looks very nice.
The lighting is much improved over a few years ago.
It will hang through the end of the month, so if you are in the neighborhood
please drop over.
Don’t forget to sign the guest book.
If you would like to be added to my newsletter list leave your email address.

Show Time

At last, the show is up and ready for everyone to 
come through and see it.
If you are in the area, it is at the 
Springfield Art Museum,
on Cliff Park Drive,
in Springfield, Ohio.

This one was different work than my previous shows.
All digital and all color as opposed to the normal
black and white from film.
My wet darkroom is gone, sold to the highest bidder
on e-bay.  I still have the 4×5 Omega enlarger if one of you 
would like to buy it.  But the rest is gone…..
I have not shot film in almost a year.
Most of those cameras have also gone
the way of e-bay. The 5 foot sink just left last week.
Thank the stars it is almost all gone.
I was beginning to think of the sink as a giant fish tank.
I know my cat would love that…..
” wow…dad got me a buffet!”

Bridge Span

Tonight is the last session of my Night Photography class. 

Final exam session where we go downtown and take real photos.
The police have been notified.
Tripods and cable releases are at the ready.
Batteries are charged and CF cards are formated and waiting.
It is always a pleasure to watch the students learn and grow.
They cross the bridge from, “how do I work my camera”to “WOW, I didn’t know I could do that!”
I remember, as I am sure that some of  you do, the first time I watched a print come up in the developer tray. I remember the look on my father’s face as he saw the wonder in mine. Now, I understand that look. 
I crossed that bridge when I was twelve years old and I have never looked back.
A life in art, in my case, photography, has to be one of the very best lives a person can live.
What could be better than a life devoted to the process of creation?
To the sharing of beauty with others?
To your personal growth and development as an artist?
To be truly alive and in the flow of ideas and inspiration?
Ah, that is the life.

Night Work

Tonight begins the class in night photography that I am teaching at Art Interface in Springfield.

We have had some problems getting things rolling due to the remodeling at the museum where classes are held.
This will be the first time that I have taught it with digital cameras included. Up until now I have used this class as yet another way of teaching the movements of view cameras as well as reciprocity correction and differential film development.
So, this will be an interesting experience for me. Don’t tell the students but I may learn more than they do. That seems to be the way things work out when I teach. I always learn more that the students. There is such a variety of cameras, questions, and ideas that I get more out of it than I had expected.
I will be working with digital only this time, leaving my view camera at home. We shall see what comes from that. I have been using the digital off and on for several years now and am at the point of  considering moving to digital capture for all my work. So this will be another test for both me and the equipment.   I will keep you posted on my experience and I will post some work from the class when we get out of the class room and into the field.