Dual Diagonal Canon G12

Another image from the Canon G12.  Not quite as sharp as I would like but I think that is my fault since I was working hand held in bad light.  There should be a bit more “bite”  around the edges so the built in Vibration Reduction has limits.  Well, I always knew that it did but I wanted to find out just what they were. For me at least, a good solid 2 1/2 stops.  This was at 3 stops below what I normally hand hold and it is just a bit off. So, I will be happy with 2 stops.  Again, for a camera this small that is very good. I have always found that,  for the way I hold a camera,  a heaver camera is more stable.  This image is just tweaked a bit in Lightroom. About 20 Vibrance and 65 Clarity to help the sharpness problem.  At 8 x 10 it looks all right as a print but I would not go larger with this image.

Coming Attraction



Is fall really right around the corner?
This leaf seems to think so.
A harbinger of things to come.
This is one of the few images that we  were
able to record before we were chased out by the
heat and the ravenous insects.  After that afternoon,
I should have received a blood donor card as I am
type “A positive” in the insect world.
I am really looking forward to autumn!

Floral Fantasy

How far from “reality” can we depart?
Some folks say that everything is an illusion.
So, where is this reality that we are departing from?
I love watching nature change a scene right before my eyes.
With a puff of breeze or a small branch falling into the
otherwise mirror surface of the lake.     Enjoy!

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Shadow Solution

This walkway over what the locals call “Hawg Creek” is part of a bike path that runs along the river in Lima.  It is nice to see the old rail road tracks being used for the betterment of the community. The “Rails to Trails” program is a big thing here in Xenia
and across the state.
You can now travel all over the state of Ohio by bicycle on these trails. A really cool concept.
Late afternoon light and a bit of imagination  produced this image.    Enjoy!

Arches In The Park


Back in the day, when I opened my first portrait studio in Lima, this Pavilion was where we would bring the brides & grooms for their outdoor outdoor session.  A lot has changed in professional photography since those days.  But, I bet that the local pros still use this area in the same way we did.  The technology may change (a lot), but the basics of a good image remain the same,  Subject, Light & Location…..and the technical skill to render them effectively.  The Arches remain. If I was still in town, I am sure that I would have the children / grandchildren of the original families and brides asking to be photographed at this location.   Ah, the benefits of a studio background.

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The Lima Paint & Color Co

This is from a “walk about” with a friend last year. The original is in color but it was processed to give it a bit of the old time Tri-X look.  I think slightly gritty feel goes with the experience of a faded downtown area.  A long time ago, I was a staff photographer for the local newspaper and this downtown was very familiar to me. A lot has changed since this area was the vibrant hub of a bustling city.   So, it is somehow fitting that a place named “Paint & Color” should be portrayed  in black and white.  A subtle statement…don’t you think  ….heh.   OK, that is enough of the walk down memory lane. Time passes, the technology changes, towns change, and most importantly, we grow and change for the better. Enjoy.

No Entry

This image reminds me of our basement. We are in the process of redoing it into a class room facility. When finished, it will allow me to teach workshops in photography and photoshop. It actually looks worse than this at the moment, but when finished it will be  a lot nicer and much more functional.

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