Beginning Class Photos

Shawnee Park
Shawnee Park

Did you ever wonder what we do in a photo class?
Well, we have a mixture of class room and practical, outdoor work.
In the beginning class you will spend the first few weeks learning the basics
of how your camera works and how to set it to get the best results.
Then we take you outdoors and have you do it for real. A mini field trip.
You see, photography is more than just “book learning”. It is the practice
of creation…you are creating art and the camera is just the tool you are using.
That being said, what did we do last night? The above image is from
the beginning class last night.
You can learn how to  use your camera to achieve images like this.
Just sign up for the next round of classes starting the first week in May.
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Smoky Mountains in Late Spring

Flat Rock Falls
Flat Rock Falls

It is looking very much like summer here in the Smoky Mountains.

The greens are starting to blend together and darken.
The dogwoods are all gone but the mountain laurel is in bloom.
And the rivers are running very well.
As you can see in this image from Tremont.

You can learn to capture images like this.
Simply sign up for the next round of classes.
You may use the Paypal link in the right side bar.
I hope to see you in Ohio in July.