Photo Field Trip

Rock Wall & Tree at Hocking Hills
Rock Wall & Tree at Hocking Hills

This years autumn field trip was almost perfect.
A slight overcast, cool and crisp temps.

Great color and a couple for portraits.
A wonderful learning experience for the students.

There are a few openings for the next class term beginning on October 27th.
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New Classes Forming


Just a reminder that the new term begins in July.

 If you have been looking for great
digital photography classes that combine class room with
a lot of real world shooting experience then this is just for you.

You may sign up using the Paypal link in the right side bar.
Any questions: please use the contact form.
I hope to see you in class. 

Why Take A Photo Class ??

Smoky Mountain Bridge
Smoky Mountain Bridge

Do you own a digital camera but are so overwhelmed by all the bells, whistles, and buttons that you give up and leave it  set on automatic?

Would you like to  be  able to make excellent images instead of the average snapshots you get from the automatic settings?

On the first night of one of my beginning classes a student expressed the opinion that he took good photos. After 3 lessons the same student stated that he now realized what a good photo looked like and that his work was greatly improving.

One of the primary reasons to take a photo class is to learn to appreciate and identify a quality image. This gives you a tangible goal to aim for.

A second reason is to learn the technical information required to create a quality image. An excellent result is based on proper knowledge and correct application of photographic principles.

A third reason is to receive feedback and support as you develop your photographic talents. A good instructor will guide  you to create your best work.

The last but not least is to HAVE FUN !  Enjoy and share your photos of family holidays,  get togethers, friends, your pets antics, vacations,  and gorgeous sunsets.

Start Learning Today!!    
The new term starts on March 4th…You may sign up by using the Paypal button located in the right sidebar.   I hope to see you in class.

Lateral Lippizaner

Are you in the starting block all ready to get started?

Have you told yourself that you really want to learn how
to create good images with your camera?
Have you realized that autumn is arriving and that you
have no idea how to capture the great photos of fall?

Well, there is still time for you to enroll in the upcoming term of photo classes.
The new term begins next week, except for Mondays class which starts on the 10th.
You still have time to move over to the right side bar of this blog and register. 
Go ahead, make an investment in your creative future. 


OK, I know….but I just could not resist it.   
However, in all seriousness, there is an extraordinary opportunity for you to learn photography.  In just three weeks, the first week in September, a new term 
of photography classes begins. 
Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate student this is the place for
you to improve your current skills and learn a lot of new ones.
Feel free to write me with any questions or just use the
Paypal sign up link in the right sidebar.


Class Project

Last night, on the first night of class, the advanced class went to a local park to take on their first still life project. A pair of glasses with a bit of “champaign” in them and an entire park for creative backgrounds. The  object was to create an image that expressed a feeling. I advised and took happy snaps of what they were working on. This is one from the end of the evening.
Not bad for the first time…… 

Downed Dragon

This giant was originally a pine tree. In driving past,
the angle and the light were just right to
reveal this dragon hidden inside.
One of the points I always emphasize in my
photo classes is learning to see creatively.
99 out of 100 people would have driven past this
old dead tree and never seen a thing.
In fact, one person to ask me what I was taking a photo
of and gave me the strangest look when I pointed and said,
“that dragon over there”.
I encourage my students to look outside box and not just take
the first photo they may see.  I teach techniques that I
have learned over the years that shine a unique light
on the ordinary and make it special.