Close-up Lemon

Some of the “juicy” things we are working on in the close-up class.
Done on a light box with a soft box for over head lighting.

In other news, I will be giving a Introduction To Photoshop class in my home studio on  Saturday, May 7th.  The times are from 1 PM to 6 PM.  The cost is $75.00.  This class is limited to 6 students. So, sign up early. Bring your lap top and be prepared to learn.
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Photo Class In Springfield Ohio

Tonight begins the class in Macro & close-up Photography that I teach at the museum in Springfield, Ohio. It has been full for weeks so I am expecting to have a really energetic group this time around.
I found the Daffodils on the kitchen table, looking much the worse for wear. So of course, I had to photograph them. I used flash in an overhead soft box and a strong tungsten backlight to get the “late evening sun” effect.      Hope to see you in a class someday.

A Portrait Of Ashley

This was taken at the portrait lighting workshop that I gave around Christmas last year.
Ashley came in to model for us and everyone received a good grounding in applied photographic lighting.  This was done with a 28″ softbox high and on the camera left. The ambient light was used as a high ratio fill light.  To allow just a little of the mixed light     ( fluorescent + tungsten) to show.  Yes, the walls really are that color. This is the lunch/rec room for the children’s program at the school.  Enjoy!

Reflection Selection

——Reflection Selection—-

Reflections as I begin a new year:

I have been fortunate in my life that photography has been my only profession. Since beginning as a photo journalist over 40 years ago, making the move to studio photography several years later as the owner of several portrait/wedding studios, and now as a fine art photographer,  I have earned my living with my cameras.  It has not been an easy road but I would not change it or trade it for a cube and a desk.

From the moment I first saw the image swim up out of the developer in the dim light of the darkroom, I was hooked.

A lot has changed since then. My current students have never seen a darkroom or developed a roll of film. The technology is new and constantly improving. It is a challenging and exciting time to be a photographer.

When I started in photography many of the important techniques like: lighting methods, developer formulas, posing people, and what lens to use and when to use it were considered proprietary information of the studio where you worked. Information, NEVER to be shared with anyone. After all, this knowledge gave them a competitive edge over the other studios in town. It was not uncommon in those days to have your staff sign a secrecy agreement as a condition of employment.  Since I always felt that it was better to share the knowledge,  I have taught photography almost from the beginning.

In this coming year I am planning to increase my teaching time. More classes at the Art School and the addition of some private classes and workshops that can be more in depth than what I am able do at the Art School.  If you are interested in learning…Watch This Space!!

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Classes Starting

—Entering The River—

This photo made me think of new students entering the river of photography education. There is so much that they need to learn. Fortunately, in this digital age, it is much easier to learn that it was when I waded into the water for the first time. Now, instead of being forced to wait until your film returns from the processing plant, you just look at the histogram right after the photo is made and see if it looks good. I just love instant feedback.
That being said, if you are local and are interested in learning, classes are starting Sept 7th. I am teaching:
Beginning Photo…  Tues …  Sept 7 – Oct 12th   6:30 – 9:00 PM
Intermediate Photo …. Wed…..Sept 8 – Oct 13th    6:30 – 9:00  PM
And a special: Landscape Photography Class …Thurs…Sept 23 – Oct 14th   6:30 – 9:00 PM

For more information or to sign up go to: and click the tab for school in the upper left side of the screen.

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