Fog Jog


After a morning out making images in the fog.  Mostly soaked to the skin but energized by the creative energy that was still flowing through me. I crossed a bike trail where a jogger waited for my car to get out of his way.  A quick glance down the trail was all I could get as I was going about 50 mph when I came upon the cross over. But it was enough to see the fog and knowing that an image was in the making, I started looking for a place to park.  Finding a pull off about 1/4 mile up the road…..there were now 2 joggers. One on the trail and one with a camera and tripod running for the trail.   This image is the convergence of those two joggers on the trail.
This is the reason that I never put the camera away until I pull into the driveway at home. Even when I think that I am finished for the day, I leave the camera out on the seat beside  me.  I never know what opportunity will present itself along the road and I want to be ready to capture what ever might appear.
I  used this  image as a Lightroom demonstration in my Thursday night class.  Fog and mist are very soft and ethereal and need to be handled very gently.  Save some detail and at the same time preserve the feeling of the experience.  A fine line to balance.