Hello Everyone

A busy week for me. New carpet for the house and 20 new prints to get ready for the Springfield show which starts May 1st. Sometimes I think that I spend all my time in the darkroom. At least it seems like it when I am pushing the deadline for a show.

I really think that there are two of me, a happy carefree artist using the camera as a visual sketch book and the ferret who lives in the dark making prints. The artist of course tries to make it easy on the ferret by bringing home the best negative possible but the ferret still emerges blurry eyed from long sessions in the darkroom.
My goal for the next 28 days is to get this blog really up and running. I joined a 28 day Artist Breakthrough Program. My goal is to establish a blog and get it running smoothly. This is day 4 and it seems to be going well.
I know; carpet disruption, a 20 print deadline in 2 weeks, and this…..
I seem to work best under pressure. My work method is to stack up several things that “have to be done…NOW”  and then do them all at once. Sounds silly but it works for me.